Young Adult Ministry

Calvary UMC Young Adults are folks in our 20s and 30s who get together for three reasons: Fellowship, Study, and Service.

Fermenting Faith

First and third Thursday of every month at 8:00pm at Franktuary in Lawrenceville

Join with other young adults for Fermenting Faith. In addition to the process by which alcoholic beverages are made, to ferment means to incite or stir up. Our biweekly gathering will focus on stirring up the deep questions of our faith as we wrestle with controversial and challenging theological issues. Come prepared to think, debate, chat, eat, and drink. Come for the whole time or just drop in for a bit.

Topics that have been discussed:

  • Christianity and Immigration - As people on both sides of the aisle use scripture and faith to defend their positions on immigration, we will dive deep into what scripture actually about immigration and what responsibility we as people of faith have to care for immigrants and/or uphold the law of the land.
  • Why Faith?? - A follow up to our conversation on doubt, we will be talking about faith. What is it that sustains your faith? What do you believe? Why do you believe it? What beliefs are important to you? What keeps you in the church?
  • Doubt and Discipleship - Can you be faithful in the midst of doubts? What are you biggest struggles and questions with Christian faith and teaching? Bring your questions and struggles and we'll all faithfully doubt together!
  • Thoughts and Prayers? Christianity and Guns - In the face of ongoing gun violence across our country, are thoughts and prayers enough? How should Christians respond to gun violence and work for a more peaceful and safe world.
  • Race - In light of the increasing visibility of white supremacists in our country and the ever present problems of prejudice and racism, we will examine what role our faith plays in how we understand race in a contemporary context. We will be using the lens of Black Liberation Theology as a way to better understand christian perspectives on race and racial justice.
  • War! - War often seems inevitable, but what does Christian tradition teach about war? Jesus says blessed are the peacemakers, but what exactly does that mean in terms of national defense? We'll look at some historical christian approaches to the question of war and discuss how we feel about it today.
  • Faith and Politics - We’ll be thinking about questions like what impact do our religious beliefs have on our political views? What “political” issues should Christians be most concerned about? Was Jesus political?