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Where we seek spiritual solutions for navigating life in a setting inspired by God's creation.

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Where we aim for a meaningful life that nurtures the heart, stretches the mind, and stirs the soul. 

A place to begin your life's journey

Where we celebrate your love and bless your union as you start your new life together. 

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Where we leave our comfort zone and put our hearts and hands to work to make a difference.

A place where all of God's children are welcome

Where we care about the world and all of its people. And we celebrate diversity in its every definition.

A place for you

Where you can come as you are and find a new way to connect, a way to make the ordinary extraordinary.

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    New Here?

    Open hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Calvary's family warmly welcomes everyone. Come visit us soon.

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    Small groups engage like-minded peers who have a variety of needs and interests. Join us!

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    Need a friend or a helping hand? Please allow us to be that helping hand, or join us in helping others.

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    Your wedding day is a special one; let us help you make it a memorable one for you and for your family and guests.


News & Announcements

News & Announcements

Lenten Season

Few times in the Christian year call us to reflect on transformational change like Lent leading toward Easter. Springtime is lush with rebirth, new beginnings, and new growth. Too often, however, we want to race to the Easter Resurrection without fully embracing the Lenten process that leads there. Lent reflects the forty days that Jesus wandered in the wilderness — tempted by Satan — in readiness for a ministry destined to end in tragedy. Few of us can relate to the level of sacrifice and commitment that Jesus displayed in his forty days, yet Lent provides us with an opportunity to deepen our spirituality by engaging in regular discipline from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday. The wilderness — the desert days of Lent — is the true path toward spiritual transformation.