Your Wedding Ceremony at Calvary

Your wedding ceremony is one of the most special and unforgettable moments of your entire life—so it is only natural that you want it to be personal and unique. The right location can make all the difference in making your wedding day perfect for you, your friends, and family. The beautiful and historic Calvary United Methodist Church stands majestically, waiting to be the distinctive venue for your Pittsburgh wedding.

Our Wedding Hostess and Music Director work closely with the happy couple to personalize their day and make it as special, memorable, and stress-free as possible.

Calvary United Methodist Church, built in 1893, is the legacy of leading Pittsburgh Victorians who turned an ice skating pond into a masterpiece. The decor of this 13th-century French Gothic revival church reflects the opulence of its high society parishioners of the time. The ornately carved pews, gargoyles, St. Andrew's Crosses, angelic faces carved into the Cleveland bluestone, louvers, vaulted oak ceilings, and the crowning feature—a trio of 30-foot high Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass windows in the sanctuary as well as over 200 more smaller Tiffany windows throughout the entire building—a breathtaking setting for any wedding.

Your Virtual Tour of Calvary

We know how much your special day means to you. Every detail is important. Before that day you've dreamed and planned and now, through our interactive virtual tour, you can truly picture yourselves experiencing that day at Calvary United Methodist Church. 360 degree veiws of our beautiful, historic building help you to feel almost like you are standing there. Also, please see our wedding photo gallery which includes indoor wedding photos and outdoor wedding pictures at Calvary. The photographers are listed on each photo for reference.

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Reservations & Fees

Your reservation allows for a time frame of 2½ hours, from entrance to exit, on the date of your wedding and one hour for the rehearsal. Three time slots are available for you to choose from. Please contact the church office for availability of dates and times. Other times may be available upon request. Your chosen date and time will be held upon receipt of payment and signed contract. The fee for weddings at Calvary United Methodist Church is $1,500. This fee includes use of the sanctuary for your wedding and rehearsal, the organist, and our Wedding Hostess. Use of the aisle candles are optional for an additional fee of $100. The contract does not include the cost incurred for the Clergy.

You can email the church office or call the office directly at 412.231.2007.

Time Slot Entrance Exit Rehearsal
A 10:30am 1:00pm 7:30-8:30pm
B 2:00pm 4:30pm 6:15-7:15pm
C 5:30pm 8:00pm 5:00-6:00pm
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Rehearsals are usually scheduled the day before the wedding. Adjustments can be made as long as the Wedding Hostess is in agreement. All items being used in the ceremony should be brought at this time, and a copy of the marriage license must also be given to the hostess.

Wedding Hostess

Calvary provides a Wedding Hostess to assist with the rehearsal and wedding. All flower deliveries, photographers, or anyone else needing to gain access to the church must be scheduled through the church office up until the day of the rehearsal. The Wedding Hostess should be contacted on either the day of the rehearsal or wedding to schedule access.

The Minister

The honorarium for clergy is not included in your contract and the selection of clergy is your choice. All wedding officiants must be legal to marry in the state of PA and be approved by our staff. We do provide a list of available ministers. If you have your own clergy, please inform the church office of your clergy selection as soon as possible.

Decorations (Flowers & Candles)

Florists may bring flowers and supplies before the wedding and need to be promptly removed after the wedding. You are welcome to leave them to donate them to the church, but please let the office or hostess know that you will be doing so. Bows and other decorations should be tied or banded to the pews; no tape of any kind is allowed. The two large candelabra (on the alter) are included with your rental contract; however the pew candles are an additional charge of $100. Unity and Memorial candles may be used.


Your contract includes the use of the Sanctuary organ. However, only the Calvary UMC appointed organist is permitted to play the organ at Calvary. If you choose someone else we have a baby grand piano available for others to play. We also have referrals for soloists, brass, strings, and other musicians. If you select your own musician they must provide their own sound equipment and be approved by our music director. Recorded music is not permitted.

Photography & Video

We make few restrictions on photography in the Sanctuary other than photos not be used or sold for commercial use. The photographs must also be taken within the time frame chosen. Video is permitted. Under most circumstances, special lighting is not permitted.


The wedding party should use the enclosed lot behind the church and the reserved parking in front of the church. There are other lots available for your guests.

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Courtesies & Responsibilities

No smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages is allowed in the church building or on the church grounds. Any indication of drug or alcohol use by a wedding participant will result in the exclusion of that person from the wedding service or may result in the cancellation of the wedding altogether.

No rice, birdseed, confetti, fireworks, or any other material harmful to the building and its surroundings is allowed inside the church or on church grounds. Rose petals, butterflies, and bubbles are acceptable.

Absolutely no tape of any kind is to be used on the furniture or walls. Any damage to furniture, equipment, or furnishings by the wedding party or guests is the responsibility of the wedding couple.

The church is not liable for any personal property that is lost, damaged, or left behind. The wedding party must leave the church as clean as they found it.

Please remember this historic building has provided an elegant wedding setting for hundreds of couples. Therefore we ask you take special care as to not damage any of the historic fabric so that a second century of brides can enjoy the church beauty.